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Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling | Harris Homes & Interiors - Plainview, TX

Harris Homes & Interiors is your one-stop shop for expert customized home remodeling. Whether it is a needed bathroom or...

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Decorative Painting

Decorative Painting | Harris Homes & Interiors - Plainview, TX

Harris Homes & Interiors is a specialist in providing the most colorful and creative decorative painting for your interiors. We are...

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Interior Decorating

Interior Decorating | Harris Homes & Interiors - Plainview, TX,TX

Bring a whole new look and new life to your home with the interior decorating skills provided by your neighbors at Harris Homes...

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Welcome To Harris Homes & Interiors

The house of your dreams could actually be the one you are living in now. With the complete, soup to nuts services provided by Harris Homes & Interiors, you can live the dream and never make a move.

Harris Homes & Interiors is the premier interior design and home remodeling firm in the Plainview, TX area. We have earned a reputation for our commitment to quality, our dedication to the job, and our joy in working with clients to remake their living space to their specifications. All this we do at an economical cost that will allow your project to become a truly stylish investment in your home.

At Harris Homes & Interiors, our expert teams are dedicated to your complete satisfaction with both the job we do and the results. We will meet with you beforehand to go over your ideas and perhaps add a few of our own. Then we will provide you with a detailed estimate of the time and cost involved.

Our business is run on a simple philosophy: Provide good service for a reasonable price. Following that as our guide, we at Harris Homes & Interiors take pride in the satisfaction we have brought to an ever growing number of loyal clients throughout the Plainview area. These are new friends who know they can turn to us for any home decor project and who regularly refer their friends to us.

Harris Homes & Interiors is your one-stop contractor for all your home decorating and remodeling needs.

Our services include:

• Complete Home Remodeling
• Bathrooms and Kitchen Remodeling and Redesign
• Faux Finish Painting
• Floral Design
• Interior Decorating

There is no middle man when you work with Harris Homes & Interiors. We do all the work, from start to finish. We are experienced in all manner of construction, remodeling, rewiring and plumping installations so that there are never any strangers showing up when we enter a new phase.

All our team members are trained, licensed and insured for your protection. They are experienced professionals and will show up at your residence on time, with all the equipment and supplies they need. They will do everything they can to lessen any disruption the project installation may bring into your life. And once finished, they will completely clean the project area to get you back to normal, living the dream in your newly remodeled and decorated home.

For the best Plainview, TX has to offer in interior decorating, decorative painting and home remodeling, contact the professionals at your one-stop shop, Harris Homes & Interiors.

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